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Startup Camp is a 10 week program that will help you focus on building something that really matters. Several startups fail because they don’t put the customers or users in focus. We want to help you identify how to create the most value for your customers and by that optimize a scalable business model.

Sam Manaberi, CSOLAR

”An idea and some attitude was all we had coming in. The Camp focused us to be practical and think big. We engaged with world class advisors and we have highest level of appreciation for the personal energy and passion the coaches invested in our business.”

-Sam Manaberi, CSOLARCamp participant 2014
Marlene Sjöberg, RaceONE

“I started alone with just an idea. A little more than 10 weeks later I have a company and started development as well as having contact with several potential customers. All this thanks to the support and inspiration that I got from the CI Startup Camp. It is a kickstart to your dream!”

-Marlene Sjöberg, RaceONECamp participant 2014
Anna Urombi, Destination Compensation

”During our ten weeks in camp we have gone from an idea to having two customers. We have had so much use for the exercises, like creating a business canvas, pitch practice and testing.”

-Anna Urombi, Destination CompensationCamp participant 2014

Jonas Arvidsson, Parakey

”We started from scratch and now we have contact with potential customers, we know what we want to build and get the guidance to move forward. The whole group has gained so much new knowledge.”

-Jonas Arvidsson, ParakeyCamp participant 2014
Daniel Dahlén, Aracne AB

”Chalmers Innovation Startup Camp, with its experience, mentors and contacts have been a great support in our start-up phase. Having had the opportunity to participate in the camp has helped us to focus our energies in the right direction and therefore accelerated our company’s development.”

-Daniel Dahlén, Aracne ABCamp participant 2013
Kristina Lagerstedt, 1928 Diagnostics

“CI start-up camp provided excellent environment and mentoring that boosted our business concept and gave us a kick-start for future activities.”

-Kristina Lagerstedt, 1928 DiagnosticsCamp participant 2013

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